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can we please spread this like wildfire before Sam Peppers stupid fans get it deleted. 

This entire thing made me sick to my stomach. And to all the Sam Pepper fans, I just want to understand why you want to protect someone who doesnt seem to understand consent? I dont care WHO it is. It could be my FAVORITE celebrity, but the MINUTE they do something as horrendous as this, they have lost all of my support. 

Fuck Sam Pepper. 






No what’s worse, this might’ve actually been their idea since the muscle-ploy Gou had didn’t work last year.

Are you kidding this was totally 100% without a doubt Nagisa’s dumb idea
The real question is how did he convince Rei to go along with this shit

this is proof of love right here.  there is no way nagisa pitched ‘you’re going to lay on your belly on a stool in front of some paper waves so you look like you’re swimming and i’m going to splash you with water’ and rei thought, ‘hm, that sounds beautiful.’  just, no. 

this is love.


When Bucky does finally get introduced to Tony, like “This is Tony Stark, Howard’s kid”, and he goes all sad and quiet, looks at the ground and admits that he killed his parents, I want Tony to just nonchalantly start listing off all of the things that Stark Industries weapons are responsible for, look him in the eye and tell him “we all make mistakes when there’s someone else calling the shots.”

That’s all. 

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